Thursday, September 27, 2007

DC First Ever Fashion Rally

DC is where it is at! Don’t Sleep….:) I know many feel, if it is not New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami or Abroad, a fashion statement is not being made. You may be right until now….. DC is working the plan to be on the fashion map! DC had it’s FIRST ever Fashion Rally in the history of Washington D.C. ! The Fashion Rally was held September 24, 2007 on Freedom PlazaThe DC Fashion Council, The DC Fashionista Group, Artist for Fashion Freedom 2007 in Washington, DC. It was an all day peaceful fashion demonstration showcasing the talent of Fashion Designers, Hair Stylists, Make-Up Artists, Runway Models along with fashion/ beauty business owners and DC residents. The purpose of Freedom Fashion is to get the Bill 17-173 out of the Committee on Economic Development and for the City Council members to vote and pass the Bill, as well as Mayor Fenty to implement and appropriate budget to create the Commission on Fashion Arts and Events.The goal of The Commission on Fashion Arts and Events is to brand DC as a fashion destination, create a fashion corridor and enhance the economic development of the fashion industry.The event is for you! The fashion community and DC residents. The city officials need to see your talents and that the fashion community in Washington, DC exist and is worthy of support and funding.The Speakers of the demonstration will include industry leaders, city officials, fashion designers, retailers, fashion schools and beauty industry representatives. We encourage you to take a few minutes of your day during lunch or after work and join us at Freedom Plaza to support our cause. To find out the status of the bill/legislation, contact Christine at