Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Grammy Favorites

Monday, February 4, 2008

Perk Up Your Morning, Perk Up Your Skin

Coffee has always been touted as an energy pick me up. Whether for energy or for routine, most people cannot get their day started until they have their morning cup of coffee. With this in mind, caffeine has enter the beauty market on several different fronts. From facials where brewed coffee is incorporated with the skincare to products such as eye creams that reduce puffiness, coffee is more than just an energy pick me up.

Coffeeberry is a very important antioxidant that helps to benefit the skin. Research has found that some of the benefits of products infused with coffeeberry range from depuffing the eyes, fighting the war against cellulite, to reducing some UV-exposure damage with the help of sunscreen. Caffeine is also great for sensitive skin and those suffering from rosacea by reducing swelling and calming down redness. With all these benefits, why not add caffeine to your daily skincare regime? Check out Sephora for some great products that take advantage of this revolutionary breakthrough.

Until next time Beauties, you've been marked!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Little Red Riding Hood

Today is National Wear Red Day in support of the Go Red movement. Heart disease is the number one killer among women and the month of February is dedicated to bringing awarness to this cause. From fashion shows to limited edition products, the involvement and support for this movement is hugh.

Bobbi Brown created this limited edition Lip Palette that features a universally flattering range of medium to deep hues: Mauve Lip Shimmer, Kir Lip Shimmer, Cranberry Lip Sheer and Slopes Lip Color-and a mini Lip Brush

This February, Bobbi is teaming up with The Heart Truth and will be doing the makeup for the Red Dress Collection 2008 Fashion Show. This is the third year in a row Bobbi has been a sponsor of the show. Palette $40

The Go Red For Women website is a great source of information and you have the ability to shop or donate to the cause. You can also find out what activities are going on around the country and in your town.

Even if you don't have a red dress to sport today, pull out your favorite red shoes, red purse or red lipstick and join the fight against Heart Diease.

Until next time Beauties, you've been marked!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bridal Beauty

"On your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful." -Bobbi Brown

Bridal season is upon us and Bobbi Brown has once again delivered with her 2008 Bridal Kit.

This sleek white case with interior pockets and mirror includes Ivory eyeshadow, Black Ink Long-Wear gel eyeliner, a Short-Handle Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush, Black No Smudge Mascara, and Pink Sugar Shimmer lip gloss (all shown on model). Plus, there's room in the kit to add your favorite blush, lip color, and more eye shadows. For darker skin tones, I would recommend Navajo or Banana eye shadow in lieu of Ivory with Peony blush on the cheeks for a pop of color.

Every year Bobbi graces us with an easy to follow, bridal look that will enhance any skin tone and this year is no different. Limited Edition at $75, order yours today at www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Foreign Style

Originally worn as a headdress for Arabic men, the Keffiyah is now extremely popular amongst the urban culture. Females and males can both rock this hot trend. It has been seen on many celebrities such as Jay Z, Kanye West and Nicole Richie. The Keffiyah can be worn with just about anything, so make your purchase soon, before the season ends.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

This picture contains two of my favorite things...Mary J. Blige's new cd "Growing Pains" and the color pink! This color is the newest to the iPod Nano family. Although I am a fan of and encourage serious music lovers to purchase what is known now as the iPod Classic, this little ditty is perfect if you are new to the Apple family or already have an Ipod you use for the house or in the car. Purchase this as a Valentines' Day gift for your daughter, sister, niece or give it to yourself. Starting at $149. you can hold a 1000 songs (4GB) or 2000 (8GB) and "Work It" til your hearts content.
Until next time Beauties....you've been marked!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Say NO! NO! to Unwanted Hair

With summer fast approaching, it is time to get our bodies hair free, soft and smooth. Enter NO! NO! the newest hair removal gadget to hit the market. NO! NO! is a revolutionary new tool that removes hair by thermal transference- basically it zaps the hair with a gentle pulse of heat. It is safe for all hair types and skin tones. This is important for those with olive to dark skin because traditional techniques such as laser and electrolysis have been known to scar the skin. One of the advantages of NO!NO! is that you don't have to wait until your hair grows back like a sasquatch to do your next treatment. Like with any hair removal procedure, consistancy is key. The more you use it, the softer and slower the hair will grow back. The disadvantage of NO! NO! is that it cannot be used on the face, which for someone who is not a candidate for electrolysis or laser, this is a disappointment. NO!NO! can be purchased at Sephora.com and HSN.com for $250. So ladies, say NO!NO! to hairy legs, underarms and bikini area, and say YES! YES! to soft, smooth, glowing skin.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Easy way to shop for everything!!

We all (web) window shop. . . but rather then skimming through countless websites, forgetting the site you just visited as you're trying to bargain hunt at another, visit "Shop-O-Matic" instead. New York Magazine's very own bargain hunting, color choosing, size and brand your dying to have, item comparison site, is the best site you could have ever thought to visit. Check it out for all your shopping needs prior to making that purchase of what you may feel is your last hope. . .with "Shop-O-Matic", there plenty of options.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Get Me Bodied

The posh neighborhood in Brooklyn known as Clinton Hills has a hidden treasure, Body by Brooklyn Spa. Not only does Body by Brookyln Spa perform spa treatments, but they offer a lounge with a full brunch/lunch and bar menu. On special occasions, they will also accomodate social events. This up-and-coming spa specializes in massage therapy, facials and various body treatments. This Sunday I decided to indulge in the dead sea salt body scrub, because New York's winter weather can be really harsh on my skin. The treatment duration was a long and relaxing 60 minutes for only a $110. The results were smooth and silky skin. Most spa treatments in the city start at $150, so I knew that I was getting a great deal. My friend enjoyed the Swedish massage that left her feeling blissful and rejuvinated and it only cost her $90. After we indulged in our treatments, we decided to sit in Body by Brooklyn's large chic lounge, while enjoying cinnamon french toast and sipping on mimosa. So next time you are in Brooklyn and want to treat yourself to a new spa atmosphere, consider Body by Brooklyn-there aren't too many places where you can enjoy a massage, have lunch and cocktails all in one location. The spa is not train accessible so its best to drive to the spa. http://www.bodybybrooklyn.com/

Monday, January 21, 2008

Grab Your Magic Carpet and Ride!

With names like Charmed by a Snake, Keys to my Karma and Moon Over Mumbai, it's time to grab your passport and get ready to go! India Collection by OPI, is a true reflection of the color forecast for Spring/Summer 2008. Runway looks showed us bright, neon colors and with shades of yellow, pink, orange and blue, this collection of 12 stand-out colors mirror the vibrancey of a beautiful Sari. On the OPI website, you have the unique ability to choose your skintone from a photograph of a hand, pick the nail polish of your choice and it will show you how that color will look with your skintone. As of today, the India collection has not been added to the OPI Studio, but with the collection debuting Feburary 6, I would hope that it will be added soon.
Until next time Beauties, you've been marked!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Yap, Yap, Don't Talk Back

With my upcoming to New York approaching fast, I am searching the internet for some awesome deals. So far, not so much. I also don't want to wait for the 14 day cheap ticket hold out. Well, introducing Yapta, your personal, looking for a good deal assistant. Sign up at yapta.com and receive email alerts informing you when a flight price goes cheap. If you have already purchased your ticket, you will be alerted and will receive a refund for the difference to use on your next trip! With that kind of assurance, I can purchase my ticket to New York now and if the price drops, plan for my next trip in the future! Until next time Beauties, you've been marked!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

“ To all Chicago’s urban fashion connoisseurs, Please Step aside and make way for Culture Couture. . . ."

What is Culture Couture you may ask? It’s Chicago’s au courant, ultramodern, fantastic, mod squad taking over the Chicago land area, and in their control are all things chic. This unique full service fashion focused event-planning company started by two college students, Ebone’ Mcloud and Nia Hall in February of 2007, and after their first show for an independent record label, it’s been “Flashing Lights” for the these two ever since. “We creatively express our imagination through different themes and concepts for runway shows and other fashion events. We provide models, make-up artists and hairstylists that best compliment the client in whom we are working with.” These ladies have produced, as well as assisted in production, shows for FIE INK: Maison de Couture, the 2007 Fashion For The Arts Show and for Columbia Colleges Urban Music Association, just to name a few. “Culture Couture creates more than just a calm and classic atmosphere for a show or event, but yet elevates the imagination by touches of creativity and culture” Look out for more of Culture Couture at a runway near you. Contact them via email at culture-couture@hotmail.com

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My What A Beautiful Ego You Have...

Having just won the 2008 Microsoft Fashion PC award, this stylish baby is getting noticed. Although designed to look like a purse, this full functioning computer has it all. With snappy luxuries like an intergrated webcam, personalized keyboard and sliding doors to hide connections, this computer is a fashion statement hard to beat. Available at Barneys New York or www.ego.lifestyle.com, this computer comes in an array of colors, exotic materials such as eel skin, finishes, artwork and fabrics. It can also be customized to your specifications. So leave the laptop case and purse behind. Now you can walk out the door with just your Ego!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monthly Muse: Skin Deep

Artist Lay'Na Look: Skin Deep Muse: Victoria Beckham
9 times out of 10 whenever I am hired to do a one on one makeup session with a client, even before I can start unpacking my kit, the picture comes out and the question is asked, "Can you make me look like this?" Well ladies, this months inspiration is Victoria Beckham. I originally saved this picture for the hair cut, but the more I looked at it, the more I was intrigued by the makeup. Yes, I know there is nothing new about natural makeup, but I was reminded recently on a job how natural makeup can sometimes take longer than dramatic makeup. So here is a face chart with instructions to achieve this skin tone look without going overboard. Wear it for a special occasion or make it your daily signature look, either way, have fun! The key is to use colors that are a shade or two darker than your skintone and for lips, your exact lip color or a shde up.
Eyes: Bone all over with Cashmere on the lid; lots of mascara
Liner: Espresso shadow lightly smoked top and bottom
Blush: Bronzer on cheeks and forehead for warmth; Shimmerbrick on cheekbones for highlight
Lips: Pink Mocha lipgloss
All colors by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Until next time Beauties, you've been marked!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Did You See What _______ Was Wearing?

Blank is right. With the Golden Globes cancelled last night and reduced to a press conference, there are no pictures to post and no comments to be made. Now admittedly I am not an award show watcher, however I do like to see the coverage the next day on who was wearing what, who should have stayed at home and who just lost their mind. So with no designer shout outs to be made and no new talent to discover, the winner for best dressed last night was....YOU! That's right, whatever you were wearing last night, whether you were dressed to the nines for a Sunday night soiree or if you were in your most comfortable pajamas (like me), know that you beat out all of Hollywood for the best dressed star on the Red Carpet! Now let me think, what am I going to wear to the Oscars?.......

Friday, January 11, 2008

Beauty and Brains Weekend Reads

We are so appreciative to all of our readers and are grateful for the wonderful love and feedback. In turn, we would like to show our love to some of the other wonderful blogs that covered subjects this week that we did not. Take a peek at my top picks of the week and be sure to return to us on Monday (we want you to visit, but you gotta come back home to Mama!).

Trashbagaesthetics previews H&M's "Fashion Against AIDS" Collection

All About the Pretty gives us details on how to become a Queen

The Purse Blog takes us on a Cruise

Have a great weekend and rememember, "Celebrate the things you want to see more of.!" (Someone wise said it!)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bra-tastic Beauty: Part 2

Front Closure Bras are great when you need something that is easy to wear and isn’t difficult to adjust. The single front closure makes it a snap to put on or take off.

Full Coverage Bras are bras that entirely cover your breasts and zero exposure. This bra style is great for full-busted women because they are smooth and work well under form fitting tops, tanks, or tees. They are great for preventing breast spillage from the tops of their bras.

Lace Bras are completely made out of lace and add some sexiness to your bra wardrobe. This bra style is always feminine and is great to wear under heavier knits, jackets or vests.

Liquid and Gel Filled Bras have cups that are designed to add two cup sizes to your existing cup size. They make your breasts look and feel naturally larger without surgery.

Minimizer Bras will shrink the appearance of your breasts, making them appear up to two sizes smaller while giving you great support and lift. The cups on this bra style are made to evenly distribute your breast tissue inside of the cups without flattening them. This bra style is great for full-busted women whose bra size is 38C or above.

Plunge Bras are designed to sit very low between your cleavage. These bras are great for low plunging outfits without the peek-a-boo affect of your traditional bra. If you’ve never had a plunge bra and you wear sexy low cut tops, you will surely want one of these bras to add to your bra wardrobe.

Push Up Bras give you Beauties the opportunity to lift your breasts and enhance your cleavage. Unlike most balcony bras, most push up bras are padded or come with removable pads.

A Racer Back Bra is a bra where the back of the bra has a wide cut in back. The bra straps run along the top of your shoulders closer to the neck than traditional bra straps. Thay make it easy to wear certain types of tank tops, tees, or shirts when you don’t want your bra straps to be visible.

A Shelf Bra covers only the lower part of the breasts, leaving the rest of the breasts exposed. It is not supportive and is worn in extreme heated situations with our hunny.

Soft Cup Bras have no underwire. to dig into your ribs or breast tissue. Soft cup bras are extremely comfortable to wear. This bra style is also easy to wash and store and are great for working out.

Sports Bras are constructed for increased levels of physical activity and offer you maximum support no matter what excersise your in to. With the right sports bra, will feel supported while you work out. It is important to understand that your regular bra is not designed for workouts and will not give you proper support. Instead, you should invest in a great sports bra.

T-Shirt Bras are lined bras with cups that smooths breasts and give you a natural round shape. This type of bra is great underneath fitting tank tops, of course T-Shirts, polo’s, and other semi plain fitted shirts. T-Shirt bras give great lift and support.

Well that concludes our bra education course. Print this list out and take it with you the next time you go shopping.

Until tommorrow Beauties, stay beautiful! Miss Tish your Chicago Beauty

Bra-tastic Beauty: Part 1

Beauties, this posting is dedicated to the girls, so read carefully and take notes so when you do your courses de bustier (that’s French for bra shopping), you’ll know what’s best to wear with that sleek strapless dress for that company holiday soiree, the fitted T-shirt when your out rummaging through those after holiday sales and while your taking your second lap on that treadmill, as you stay true to your 2008 resolution.

Backless Bras are adhesive bras with no back that is specifically designed for those often attempted backless dresses. Rather then plunging to go bra-less, opt for one of these. There are different types of backless bras and the best way to determine which kind of B.B. you’ll need, would be to try on your outfit and see where you need coverage and how low the back of your top or dress goes. Remember that different types of B.B’s give different coverage, and if you are beautiful and busty, these adhesive bras are not visible but may offer you less support.

Balcony Bras or a balconette is a bra that lifts, accentuates and provides less cup coverage and more cleavage appeal than your basic bra. These are almost like a push up bra, but quite different in some aspects, read on to push up bras to see the difference.

Bralettes (say YES to sexy comfort), bras that have no underwire, no padding and are great when you want to give those girls a break from the wires. Bralettes can be an alternative to wearing no bra at all, yet it offers some coverage, they are best for sleeping and on those nights you feel extra sexy and want to give yourself or your hunny a treat. This bra style generally pulls over your head or can be hooked in the back.

Bridal and Formal Gown Bras are more commonly known as longline bras. It is designed to be worn underneath wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, other formal gowns. They feature soft pliable boning along the bodice to create a flawless hour glass shape. It also may feature detachable bra straps that can be worn either with or without the straps.

A Built-in bra is one that comes with the clothing, eliminating the need for a separate bra. This style can be found attached to the insides of swimsuits and tube tops. Some built-in bras are just horizontal, elastic fabric, but others have padding and underwired cups as well.

Convertible Bras (definitely a MUST HAVE) are bras that straps can be switched around to accommodate various types of outfits. A typical convertible bra has bra straps that can be worn traditionally, halter style, criss-cross or cut-in off of the shoulders. Some convertible bras even come with an additional band that can lower the back of your bra to create a low back bra or a backless bra.

A Demi Cup Bra is a bra whose cups provide half of the traditional cup coverage, are lightly padded yet provides maximum exposure of the breasts. This bra style also works well for women who are flatter at the top of their breasts and want to eliminate gapping in the cups.

Well this is just the beginning ladies! Come back tommorrow for our bra education class. Your homework tonight, go through your bra collection and see what you need. Comb through your wardrobe and see what dresses or tops you have not been able to wear because you did not have the proper bra.

Until tommorrow Beauties, stay beautiful! Miss Tish your Chicago Beauty

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sisterlocks...The Movement!

The story of Sisterlocks is a simple one. Created in 1993 by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell, this revolutionary technique promotes healthy hair. Many women are finding this hairstyle is more than that- it's a lifestyle...even a "movement" The locks offer women the ease and flexibility to style their hair without feeling like they cannot have an active lifestyle, which is the worry most women with relaxers have.

See, I have short hair that I wear in a modified mohawk. I also have a relaxer. My biggest challenge - having my hair stay straight or at least look straight while sticking to my self imposed bootcamp workout plan. Any woman who has a relaxer can attest to the challege of trying to keep their hair looking fresh after sweating for 45 minutes 5 times a week. A hairstyle that is suppose to last 2-3 weeks, quickly loses its luster in about 7 days. So as I contemplate the idea of going this route, I prepare to leave for my 9AM hair appointment to get my relaxer touched up. Let's see how long my style stays this month. To find out more information about Sisterlocks, visit www.sisterlocks.com. Until next time Beauties, you've been marked!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Atlanta Gets Bitten

Beauty #1: Oh Dear! I think I've been Bitten!
Beauty #2: Well you better put your Starbury's on, run to 7-Eleven and get something for that!

BittenSJP, Dear by Amanda Bynes, Starbury and Eleven by Venus Williams are the stars of clothing retailer phenomenon Steve & Barry's. If you are not familar Steve & Barry's, let me give you the lowdown. As described on their website, "Steve & Barry's is about change. It's about changing the way that consumers shop for their clothes." Their philosophy is "Great clothing doesn't really have to cost that much." From their breakout collaboration with NBA star Stephon Marbury whose innovative idea of quality footwear at $14.98 to the exciting and invigorating collection BITTEN Sarah Jessica Parker, this retailer proves that its goal is to cater to their customers. Carrying everything from clothing to accessories, items in the store are sold for $20 or less.

Well Atlanta, get ready to have your socks blown off! Steve & Barry's is hitting Discover Mills Mall January 16th. My advice, wear comfortable shoes, get your shopping tracksuit on and get ready to shop til you drop . A little birdy told us that for their grand opening, everything in the store will be under $10.00.....WHAT?!?!....you heard me, under $10.00! So visit www.steveandbarrys.com, get your shopping strategy together and get ready to rumble!

I love Sarah Jessica Parkers manifesto "It is every woman's inalienable right to have a pulled-together stylish, confident wardrobe with money left over to live. GET BITTEN." Spoken like a true fashion icon.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Pretty In Pink 2008

Bobbi's Inspiration "Raspberry is a brillant way to wear color and there's a shade of raspberry for every complexion-from pink to deep raspberry."

I cannot wait for Spring to get here. Not just because the temperature has dropped drastically here in Atlanta, but Bobbi Brown's new Pink Raspberry pallet is absolutely gorgeous! I have always been a fan of Bobbi's face pallets because they include your shadows, eyeliner, blush and lipcolors.

This season's must-have pallet features cool, neutral shadows Navajo and Fog , Pink Raspberry and Raspberry shades for lips and Blue Raspberry blush for cheeks. These colors will truely compliment any skin tone. Price $55

Compliment this pallet with four of Bobbi's most popular mini brushes-Blush, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner and Lip (with protective cap)-in a soft zip-around case with pink raspberry interior. Price $55

So Beauties, get ready for Spring early and pick up your pallet today. For a limited time, online orders over $75 receive free shipping.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well Beauties! It has been a busy holiday season and now we are playing catch up. Stay tune for new and exciting segements in '08. Have a safe and happy holiday and we look forward to a busy and prosperus year!