Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monthly Muse: Skin Deep

Artist Lay'Na Look: Skin Deep Muse: Victoria Beckham
9 times out of 10 whenever I am hired to do a one on one makeup session with a client, even before I can start unpacking my kit, the picture comes out and the question is asked, "Can you make me look like this?" Well ladies, this months inspiration is Victoria Beckham. I originally saved this picture for the hair cut, but the more I looked at it, the more I was intrigued by the makeup. Yes, I know there is nothing new about natural makeup, but I was reminded recently on a job how natural makeup can sometimes take longer than dramatic makeup. So here is a face chart with instructions to achieve this skin tone look without going overboard. Wear it for a special occasion or make it your daily signature look, either way, have fun! The key is to use colors that are a shade or two darker than your skintone and for lips, your exact lip color or a shde up.
Eyes: Bone all over with Cashmere on the lid; lots of mascara
Liner: Espresso shadow lightly smoked top and bottom
Blush: Bronzer on cheeks and forehead for warmth; Shimmerbrick on cheekbones for highlight
Lips: Pink Mocha lipgloss
All colors by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Until next time Beauties, you've been marked!