Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bra-tastic Beauty: Part 2

Front Closure Bras are great when you need something that is easy to wear and isn’t difficult to adjust. The single front closure makes it a snap to put on or take off.

Full Coverage Bras are bras that entirely cover your breasts and zero exposure. This bra style is great for full-busted women because they are smooth and work well under form fitting tops, tanks, or tees. They are great for preventing breast spillage from the tops of their bras.

Lace Bras are completely made out of lace and add some sexiness to your bra wardrobe. This bra style is always feminine and is great to wear under heavier knits, jackets or vests.

Liquid and Gel Filled Bras have cups that are designed to add two cup sizes to your existing cup size. They make your breasts look and feel naturally larger without surgery.

Minimizer Bras will shrink the appearance of your breasts, making them appear up to two sizes smaller while giving you great support and lift. The cups on this bra style are made to evenly distribute your breast tissue inside of the cups without flattening them. This bra style is great for full-busted women whose bra size is 38C or above.

Plunge Bras are designed to sit very low between your cleavage. These bras are great for low plunging outfits without the peek-a-boo affect of your traditional bra. If you’ve never had a plunge bra and you wear sexy low cut tops, you will surely want one of these bras to add to your bra wardrobe.

Push Up Bras give you Beauties the opportunity to lift your breasts and enhance your cleavage. Unlike most balcony bras, most push up bras are padded or come with removable pads.

A Racer Back Bra is a bra where the back of the bra has a wide cut in back. The bra straps run along the top of your shoulders closer to the neck than traditional bra straps. Thay make it easy to wear certain types of tank tops, tees, or shirts when you don’t want your bra straps to be visible.

A Shelf Bra covers only the lower part of the breasts, leaving the rest of the breasts exposed. It is not supportive and is worn in extreme heated situations with our hunny.

Soft Cup Bras have no underwire. to dig into your ribs or breast tissue. Soft cup bras are extremely comfortable to wear. This bra style is also easy to wash and store and are great for working out.

Sports Bras are constructed for increased levels of physical activity and offer you maximum support no matter what excersise your in to. With the right sports bra, will feel supported while you work out. It is important to understand that your regular bra is not designed for workouts and will not give you proper support. Instead, you should invest in a great sports bra.

T-Shirt Bras are lined bras with cups that smooths breasts and give you a natural round shape. This type of bra is great underneath fitting tank tops, of course T-Shirts, polo’s, and other semi plain fitted shirts. T-Shirt bras give great lift and support.

Well that concludes our bra education course. Print this list out and take it with you the next time you go shopping.

Until tommorrow Beauties, stay beautiful! Miss Tish your Chicago Beauty