Monday, January 14, 2008

Did You See What _______ Was Wearing?

Blank is right. With the Golden Globes cancelled last night and reduced to a press conference, there are no pictures to post and no comments to be made. Now admittedly I am not an award show watcher, however I do like to see the coverage the next day on who was wearing what, who should have stayed at home and who just lost their mind. So with no designer shout outs to be made and no new talent to discover, the winner for best dressed last night was....YOU! That's right, whatever you were wearing last night, whether you were dressed to the nines for a Sunday night soiree or if you were in your most comfortable pajamas (like me), know that you beat out all of Hollywood for the best dressed star on the Red Carpet! Now let me think, what am I going to wear to the Oscars?.......