Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bra-tastic Beauty: Part 1

Beauties, this posting is dedicated to the girls, so read carefully and take notes so when you do your courses de bustier (that’s French for bra shopping), you’ll know what’s best to wear with that sleek strapless dress for that company holiday soiree, the fitted T-shirt when your out rummaging through those after holiday sales and while your taking your second lap on that treadmill, as you stay true to your 2008 resolution.

Backless Bras are adhesive bras with no back that is specifically designed for those often attempted backless dresses. Rather then plunging to go bra-less, opt for one of these. There are different types of backless bras and the best way to determine which kind of B.B. you’ll need, would be to try on your outfit and see where you need coverage and how low the back of your top or dress goes. Remember that different types of B.B’s give different coverage, and if you are beautiful and busty, these adhesive bras are not visible but may offer you less support.

Balcony Bras or a balconette is a bra that lifts, accentuates and provides less cup coverage and more cleavage appeal than your basic bra. These are almost like a push up bra, but quite different in some aspects, read on to push up bras to see the difference.

Bralettes (say YES to sexy comfort), bras that have no underwire, no padding and are great when you want to give those girls a break from the wires. Bralettes can be an alternative to wearing no bra at all, yet it offers some coverage, they are best for sleeping and on those nights you feel extra sexy and want to give yourself or your hunny a treat. This bra style generally pulls over your head or can be hooked in the back.

Bridal and Formal Gown Bras are more commonly known as longline bras. It is designed to be worn underneath wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, other formal gowns. They feature soft pliable boning along the bodice to create a flawless hour glass shape. It also may feature detachable bra straps that can be worn either with or without the straps.

A Built-in bra is one that comes with the clothing, eliminating the need for a separate bra. This style can be found attached to the insides of swimsuits and tube tops. Some built-in bras are just horizontal, elastic fabric, but others have padding and underwired cups as well.

Convertible Bras (definitely a MUST HAVE) are bras that straps can be switched around to accommodate various types of outfits. A typical convertible bra has bra straps that can be worn traditionally, halter style, criss-cross or cut-in off of the shoulders. Some convertible bras even come with an additional band that can lower the back of your bra to create a low back bra or a backless bra.

A Demi Cup Bra is a bra whose cups provide half of the traditional cup coverage, are lightly padded yet provides maximum exposure of the breasts. This bra style also works well for women who are flatter at the top of their breasts and want to eliminate gapping in the cups.

Well this is just the beginning ladies! Come back tommorrow for our bra education class. Your homework tonight, go through your bra collection and see what you need. Comb through your wardrobe and see what dresses or tops you have not been able to wear because you did not have the proper bra.

Until tommorrow Beauties, stay beautiful! Miss Tish your Chicago Beauty