Friday, December 14, 2007

The Perfect Red Lip

"I love red lipstick, but I just can't wear it!" This is a statement I hear over and over again from my clients. Au Contraire! Anybody can wear red lipstick, it just depends on the shade that is right for you. Reds com in so many combinations, it is almost impossible not to find on to fit you. Orangey reds, brown reds, pink reds and blue, all reds have an undertone. The trick is to find the one that is right for your skintone. You must take into consideration you hair color and pay attention to the amount of color you have in your lips. Be sure to use a lipliner so that your lipstick does not bleed. Make sure it is a perfect match or slightly deeper (not darker) so that it blends easily. Most of all, have fun! Go to your favorite beauty hang out and seek the help of a professionall artist. If you have to try on a hundred lipsticks to find the perfect one, then so be it! That is what they are there for.
Until next time Beauties, You've Been Marked!