Thursday, December 6, 2007

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean...

I love fragrance and I love long, hot showers. My favorite scents tend to have a spicier flavor to them, but I quickly added this clean, crisp fragrance to my arsonal. Bath by Bobbi Brown smells fresh, giving you that squeaky, clean feeling. Featuring notes of Water Hyacinth, Neroli, Orange Flower, White Lily, Aromatic Sage and Sandalwood with hints of Patchouli, Bath definitely stands up to its namesake.

Bobbi has extended this experience with the introduction of Bath Moisturizing Mist. This fine mist absorbs quickly and leaves a light scent on the skin while moisturizing agents Shea Butter and Olive Oil Extract, soften the skin and keep the body hydrated. I would definitely recommend adding these products to your Winterize Your Skin routine.