Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do What the Pros Do...Part Two

So you've gotten your materials together and are ready to take the next step to Nirvana. It's time to decide how many categories you want in your book and what they are going to be. For example, I am a makeup artist that works with corporate clients, may shoot inside a studio, outside in the woods or attend an event involving my industry. Not only that, I have a personal life to dress for as well. My categories are: Fool Proof, Dressy, Casual Chic and Outdoor. Fool Proof is the VIP section of the book. You just can't let any outfit cross the velvet rope! Fool Proof outfits are outfits that everytime you wear them, you have at least one person compliment you on it. I definitely believe every look book needs to have this section. So brainstorm and decide what your sections are going to be, label your dividers, put them in your notebook and join me Friday as we begin to put our book together... Until then, You've Been Marked!


bonita said...

44yr old mom who's looking to revamp wardrobe...

The look book will help me create a style for all occasions.

Very helpful. I can't wait to the next blog.