Sunday, October 14, 2007

Beauties in the Movies

Tyler Perry does it again; Why Did I Get Married? is the #1 film in the country. Not only was the storyline awesome, the styling, hair and makeup were on point. These beauties had it together as far as style was concerned. Remember even if your personal life is a mess, there is no need for your appearance to reveal this. When you know you look good, you’ll feel better; dress nice for yourself beauties, not anyone else. This was one of the many messages you will take with you from this excellent film.

Janet was beautiful as expected, but Tasha Smith, “The loud mouth diva”, stole the show. Her hairstyle, make up, wardrobe and her thunderous scenes, make watching the movie again well worth it. Janet Jackson sported some very plush fur coats, Sharon Leals makeup was impeccable, Jill Scott’s character pulled it together beautifully in her blue ensemble at the end, and Denise Boutte’s mountain garments were ultra fab.

Beauties, if you have not seen this movie yet, what are you waiting for? View the trailer here. Beauties, leave a comment and tell me what you think about the film.


Moni Lov said...

I thoroughly enjoyed T. Perry's latest film. The cast, the storylines, the scenery, etc. all came together wonderfully. Having not been a viewer of his plays, I have enjoyed watching his stories come to life on the big screen. There are lessons to be learned by all, but especially those working through relationships.

I look forward to seeing more positive stories about Black folks on the big screen.