Thursday, October 11, 2007

Swing Into the Season RIght.

Is just me, or can you Beauties also attest to some pretty strange weather for it to be the month of October?? Well, the weatherman says that this lovely, yet mysterious 90-degree weather that we've been lavishing in out here in Chi town will soon become reminiscent of what more>>


Sharell said...

There is a great balance in pricing on this posting. Everything is in a price range that anyone can afford. The lists of websites where the items can be found were great as well. You find that magazines (with the exception of Lucky) rarely give you a website to view the merchandise you want so badly. Ladies need two things: the price and where to find it and you did that Tish, short and sweet.

Miss Tish your Chicago Beauty said...

thank you thank you thank miss sharell.