Monday, October 8, 2007

Taking Good Care of ME!

A massage not only feels good, but it helps you feel less stressed, relaxed and alert. Once considered an indulgence, spa treatments are quickly becoming a necessity in our lives. This fall, October 15-21, 2007, will bring $50 spa treatments to consumers at over 400 spas across the United States and Canada, in an effort to introduce a new generation of consumers to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Over the weekend I stopped at “Relax the Back” for a 10 minute massage at a kiosk in the mall. Although it felt great, I know a full body massage in a quite room, with a nice aroma, some body oil and a bare back, would have felt even better.

“Our goal is to make wellness more than just a word, but a reality. By educating and introducing the health benefits of the spa lifestyle to the masses, Spa Week is taking a leadership position in the campaign to change the unhealthy course the country is navigating.(

Each participating spa may also include facials, skin polishing, hair rejuvenation, body wraps, and pedicures as additional service options. Check out the website to find out which spa’s in your city are running these amazing $50 treatments and make your reservation today. My body is definitely worth $50, how about yours? I've been marked...have you?


Sharell said...

I forwarded this posting to some of my favorite ladies at work and they are going crazy about this coming week. Thanks!!!

Chimere your Atlanta Beauty said...

Sharell, please let us know about your spa experience. I will definitely update you on my spa visit.