Monday, November 12, 2007

Timeless... In Silver

Do you remember your pink Timex from first grade? Or did you have a Disney character flip watch that would work for a few days and conk out? What ever the kind, I'm sure you remember when you learned how to tell time on your first watch. My first watch was a Mickey Mouse watch, with a brown leather wrist band and gold dial. Boy did I love that watch, it worked great up until the first time I took a bath while wearing it. With ever changing fashion trends and phones that dictate our every move, traditional time pieces have been replaced. Each hour that passes by is really precious, a watch is great way for your to be apart of every minute in style. From dressy, casual, sporty, silver, gold, metal or precious stones—there sure to be a watch to suit you. Embrace the minutes, enjoy your hours, because time is not promised to anyone. Until next time, Beauty is what you make it, so embrace it. Chimere your Atlanta Beauty. Shop Watches Now