Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Your Style, Find it, Flaunt it!

Every morning, most beauties face the same challenge, what am I wearing today? Challenges are suppose to make you stronger, right? Excericise is suppose to make your body tight, right? So getting dressed everyday should be a no brainer, right? Not exactly... getting dressed each and everyday is a chalenge that most women never overcome. Defining your style, feeling great in your clothes, looking poised and confident is what we should strive for daily. Understanding which style suits your body type is another. Here are some fun quizzes to help you define your style, revamp your style and own it! Enjoy Are you ready for a new you? Take Quiz

How sexy is your style? Take Quiz

Is it time to bump up your style? Take Quiz

Until next time, Beauty is what you make it, so embrace it. Chimere your Atlanta Beauty.